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Grilles range
  • In an exhaust CMEV, the extract grilles placed in each room (kitchen, bathroom, WC) ensure sufficient and continuous extraction of indoor pollution (odours, humidity, CO2).
  • Self-balanced grilles are different from humidity-controlled grilles: 
  • Self-balanced extract grilles are defined by their exhaust airflow which varies according to the pressure difference between the duct and the dwelling. A self-balanced grille has an operating range of 50 to 150 Pa. 

    Humidity-controlled extract grilles are classified by their exhaust airflow (in m3/h) at a given negative pressure and depending on the relative humidity (%RH).

    A humidity-controlled grille has an operating range of 70 to 160 Pa.
  • Acoustic regulations stipulate certain results: sound level perceived at a given location in a room (LnAT, DnT,A). These values depend on the terminal, but also on the room parameters (volume and shape, wall coverings, distance between measurement and product).
  • In Residential, acoustic requirements are dictated by the decision of 30 June 1999.

    In Non-residential, no requirements are applicable.

  • Using standard room configurations, we deduce the requirements for the grille itself independently of its environment (Lw, Dnew).
  • Lw: sound power = perception of airflow noise as it passes through a terminal.

    Dnew (C): soundproofing level = capacity of a terminal to cancel out the propagation of airborne noise from one room to another.

  • A sound pressure requirement LnAT < 35 dB(A) in a kitchen is equivalent to a requirement for the terminal that sound power Lw < 38 dB(A) if the surface area > 10 m².
  • A sound pressure requirement LnAT < 30 dB(A) in a primary room is equivalent to a requirement for the terminal that sound power Lw < 38 dB(A) if the surface area of an open plan kitchen > 30 m².
  • The insulation requirement applicable to the terminal may differ between two dwellings depending on the surface area of the room and the diameter of the collector.
  • Extract terminals should only be fitted in humid or equipment rooms: kitchen, bathroom, WC, laundry room, etc.
  • They must be installed at the top of a vertical wall or on the ceiling.
  • They must be at least 1.80 m above the ground.
  • Extract terminals must be accessible and removable (at a distance of at least 20 cm from the walls and not glued to the connecting duct).
  • It is advisable to fix the grilles in place using two Ø 5 mm screws to prevent them from turning when boost setting is used.
  • If cord-operated grilles are installed in the ceiling or above a piece of furniture, use a cord return system.