Selector poWair

Selection software

Selector poWair

Selection software

Selector PoWair is a selection tool for exhaust and heat recovery ventilation units for individual houses, multi-occupancy buildings, non-residential buildings, as well as smoke and heat exhaust. This software is intended for design offices in the preliminary design phase, for all types of buildings (individual houses, multi-occupancy buildings, non-residential buildings F400 smoke and heat exhaust fans, car park smoke and heat exhaust). It allows them to quickly choose a product to match the needs of a ventilation project and to calculate fan power consumption.
Selector poWair
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Selector poWair
    Selector Powair is an Aldes solution to aid in selecting the appropriate exhaust fan. It has been designed to help design offices to choose the right ventilation equipment for any type of building. It can be downloaded free of charge for PCs.
    This tool will guide you step by step to calculate fan power consumption. Simply select your building type, then define the type of fan you want (exhaust, supply, ventilation unit, etc.) and indicate the airflow. A wizard is included in the software to help you with this last step. Once your study is complete, you can obtain a comprehensive report of project technical elements and a list of the ventilation equipment selected.
    Selector Powair also offers a library of thermal regulation resources related to Aldes systems and solutions. These documents concern all types of housing and buildings. Finally, take advantage of a tutorial to help you with Aldes products and systems.
Selector poWair

The + software

  • Rapid : 3 intuitive steps!
  • Precise : Consumption calculations according to the RT thermal regulations
  • Efficient : Detailed report on the technical elements of the project
    How to choose an exhaust and heat recovery fan unit using the poWair Selector software
    ALDES has designed software to assist in selecting exhaust and heat recovery fans. Selector poWair allows you to quickly choose the right product for a specific project. This tool is intended for use by design offices in the preliminary phase, for all types of buildings. It is used to validate the appropriate choice of ventilation equipment.

    Selector poWair is multilingual and incorporates national regulations regarding ventilation standards for each country.
    Other strengths of the poWair Selector software are the simplicity of its interface and the quality of the final report. It is a benchmark tool for professionals, both easy to use and comprehensive.

    Fan power consumption calculation tool
    When sketching out a project to install an exhaust ventilation system, Selector PoWair can be used to calculate fan power consumption. It will select equipment to match the building constraints, while respecting the standards of the RT 2012 thermal regulations. All you have to do is to proceed step by step, guided by the software, which is very intuitive:

    Select a building type

    Define the type of fan required: exhaust and/or supply, external or internal fan, box fans, duct fans, roof fans, F400 fans, car park smoke and heat exhaust, etc.

    Indicate airflows: it is possible to use the wizard integrated in the software, when the needs of a building are not known. All you need to do is indicate the type of building (office building, with or without public access, etc.), as well as the number of rooms (offices, break rooms, meeting rooms, etc.) and people.

    The exhaust fan selection software provides a comprehensive report at the end. This document includes all the technical details of the project and a list of the ventilation equipment selected.

    Assisted input tool for thermal calculation software
    The Selector PoWair software provides you with a library of the regulatory reference texts of the RT Thermal Regulations in relation to Aldes systems and solutions. These documents are available for both individual houses and multi-occupancy buildings, and for non-residential buildings.

    Furthermore, this selection tool also offers a tutorial to help you input Aldes products and systems into thermal calculation software.