Conceptor Ventilation

Logiciel de conception et dimensionnement

Conceptor Ventilation

Logiciel de conception et dimensionnement

ALDES has also developed the Conceptor Ventilation software to boost the performance of design offices and construction professionals. Henceforth, you can elect to create your ventilation project suited to your type of building, both for individual houses, multi-occupancy residential buildings and non-residential buildings: the Aldes 3-in-1 software for all your ventilation projects. Design and dimension air ductwork systems freely, with guided assistance at each step of your project!
Conceptor Ventilation
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Conceptor Ventilation
    Conceptor Ventilation is a software package designed for professionals, especially design offices and installers. It enables fast analysis of ventilation requirements, while taking into account current regulations. 
    You can trace one or more ventilation systems for all types of buildings: single-family housing, multi-occupancy buildings, and non-residential buildings (schools, offices, etc.).  
    Simply export the background drawing of your choice, select your ventilation system and draw your system. 
    No need to rack your brains with all the airflow calculations, this software will help you to design and estimate the cost of your installation. This way, you can choose the most suitable fan according to your criteria (consumption, price, etc.). The results are extremely accurate and reliable.  

    In the single-family housing module, a 3D view is available to allow you to better visualise the ducts and elements you have placed.  
    You also able to edit a document including all the pressure loss calculations of your system, an exhaustive list of the ventilation system components, as well as the cost estimate for your project. 

    This tool is very intuitive, so it will save you a lot of time on your designs. It can be downloaded for free to use on PC and is updated regularly. 
    Make a difference to your customers with Conceptor Ventilation.
Conceptor Ventilation

The + software

  • Simplicity : Discover multiple functions with the wizard present at each step of the project.
  • Time savings : Produce complete designs in no time, using an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to meet your needs
  • Reliability : The software data are constantly updated and tested by our teams
  • Optimisation : The solution automatically selects the most appropriate products for your design.
  • Other advantages :
    > Import drawing backgrounds in JPG, PDF, DWG and DXF format.
    > View your ductwork with a 3D view in a single-family dwelling
    > Different types of buildings are supported (residential and commercial)
    > Quickly select the fan using individual fan data sheets
    A reliable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive ventilation design solution:
    Conceptor Ventilation is a ventilation system design tool for design offices and installers. With this solution developed by ALDES and free to download to your PC, you can produce ventilation system designs very quickly. This HVAC system calculation software is very intuitive and therefore very easy to use.

    No need to estimate airflow design values by hand. Ventilation system design becomes much simpler! This saves a considerable amount of time and a significant amount of money. All in compliance with ventilation and air quality regulations, while also integrating power consumption restrictions. This is where the software comes into its own: finding the fan that consumes the least amount of power, but ventilates the best.
    Above all, this software is highly accurate and reliable, guaranteeing a zero error rate. This ALDES tool offers professionals a complete business solution which covers all your ventilation system design and costing needs.

    An airflow design tool for residential and commercial buildings:
    Our ventilation design software consists of three separate modules, enabling you to design ventilation systems for different types of buildings:

    Single-family housing

    Multi-occupancy housing

    Tertiary/non-residential: offices, schools, etc.

    Simply select one of these modules to start the graphic design of an air exhaust or heat recovery ventilation system on the drawings of a single-family house, a multi-occupancy residential building or a tertiary/commercial building. The software helps you automatically configure your airflow requirements: it calculates ventilation duct diameters and the length of the system, based on the exhaust air flow by the fan unit, pressure losses, etc. With the Conceptor Ventilation software, you are certain of obtaining very reliable and accurate calculations. In addition, you can view the ventilation ductwork in 3D.

    Our software can be used to dimension and budget a ventilation system and print out a full technical document featuring a list of components suited to the requirements of the project. This report can make a difference to your customers!
    Strong familiarity with its specifiers enables ALDES to update this free software and adapt it to the needs of the ventilation trade.