• Once fitted in the lining, the sleeves enable the installation of an air inlet (self-balanced or humidity-controlled) on the inside wall, with or without additional noise attenuation.
  • Standard sleeves can be used to position an air inlet directly on a wall when an attachment to joinery is not possible or desirable,
  • Acoustic sleeves together with an air inlet improve the acoustic attenuation of outdoor noise.

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Sleeve range
  • Sleeves are categorised according to the type of installation:
  • circular wall penetration: MTC (circular hood visible on outside wall),

    rectangular wall penetration: MTR (rectangular hood visible on outside wall),

    installation above a window: MHF (hood invisible on outside wall, air intake directly in joinery penetration).

  • For acoustic models, the products are characterised by their weighted acoustic attenuation index, noted Dn,e,w (+Ctr), evaluated according to standard NF S 31-032-1 and expressed in dB.
  • The "Dn,e,w (Ctr)" index replaced "Dn,e, route", which was used until 30/06/1999 (withdrawn).
    Sleeves are installed in the interior or exterior insulation. In the case of MTC and MTR sleeves, the wall penetration is made with a circular PVC tube or rectangular wall penetration (TR).