OPTONE® "Classic" 1 flap

OPTONE® "Classic" 1 flap

OPTONE “Classic” smoke control dampers are intended for commercial premises and can be used as air inlets or for smoke and heat exhaust.
OPTONE® "Classic" 1 flap
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OPTONE® "Classic" 1 flap
OPTONE “Classic” 1-flap smoke control dampers are intended for commercial buildings (public-access, high-rise), and can be used as air inlets or for smoke and heat exhaust. They can be motorised. The OPTONE "Classic" 1 flap dampers are compatible with ALDES GFA steel grilles, GFA 007, GFE and GGH, as well as all grilles with geometrical transparency greater than 44%. The electromagnetic trip device is included and available in current make/break versions and 24/48V.
OPTONE® "Classic" 1 flap

The + products

  • simplicity: Nominal dimensions = installation dimensions,
  • reversible top/bottom mounting frame,
  • single mounting frame for all OPTONE models.
  • cable through-holes included,
  • all dampers can be motorised,
  • new: damper with 5 mm increment in L/H for refurbishments.

In standby position, the damper is closed. It opens when instructed by the FACP and moves into failsafe position.

  • CE marking compliant as per EN 12101-8: Certificate 1812-CPR-1055,
  • fire resistance classification as per EN 1366-10 test:
    • EI 120 (ved-i o) S - 1 000 Pa - AA multi, in compliance with § 7.2.4 of EN 13501-4, certified on Promatect smoke exhaust duct L500, Desenfire, Geostaff, and on ducts compliant with EN 1366-9 of the same material and same density,
  • compliant with French standard NF-S-61937-10,
  • leak rate < 200 m3/h per m² of leaf at 1,000 Pa,
  • free air passage (dm²): with L and H in mm: 1 flap = ((L-57) x (H-57) -14 147) / 10 000,
  • installation possible with mounting frame and grille.
  • motorised damper possible,
  • can be ordered in steps of 5 mm in L and H,
  • electric control mechanism inside protective box,
  • steel mounting frame 20/10 mm,
  • choice of aesthetic aluminium frame,
  • nominal dimensions of damper L x H = installation space (opening) for mounting frame,
  • locking system mounted on flap for greater free surface,
  • cable through holes included,
  • locking system fitted with self-resetting electromagnetic trip device,
  • scalable junction box,
  • pressure loss for damper only (with grille):
    • return: ∆p = 2.083 .√(S_free/(LxH)).(Q/S_free)²,
    • supply: ∆p = 2.00 .√(S_free/(LxH)).(Q/S_free)²,
    • (∆p in Pa, S_free in m2, Q in m3.s-1, L/H in mm).
  • available option:
    • galvanised steel trim, choice of RAL colour,
    • backdraft (required on air intakes if speed in ducts is above 7 m/s.
  • “multi-compartment” dampers are suitable for “single-compartment” applications,
  • maximum negative pressure: - 1,000 Pa,
  • direction of fire: respect fire inside smoke exhaust duct (when damper is closed).
  • use of mounting frame strongly recommended,
  • use of CONCEPTOR DESENFUMAGE design software recommended to define the dimensions of the mounting frame installation space,
  • if mounting frame already fixed to damper (no gaps), nominal LxH dimensions of damper = dimensions of opening,
  • if mounting frame mortar sealed, add thickness of mortar to L and H,
  • use detailed instructions for correct installation of flaps,
  • damper can be inverted “upside down”,
  • damper flush-mounted against vertical smoke exhaust duct,
  • attached with 4 self-tapping screws supplied, on front face in mounting frame holes.
References Free air passage section (dm²) Insulation material
11044420 - OPTONE® "Classic" 1-flap with choice of options

4,5 (Min) - 52,8 (Max)

11044430 - OPTONE CLASSIC - 2H/1 flap  
OPTONE® "Classic" 1 flap
References Lmin x Hmin (mm) Lmax x Hmax (mm)
11044420 - OPTONE® "Classic" 1-flap with choice of options

300 x 300

700 x 900

11044430 - OPTONE CLASSIC - 2H/1 flap    
  • PV CE number  :  1812-CPR-1055

Products and accessories references

  • OPTONE® "Classic" 1-flap with choice of options
    OPTONE® "Classic" 1-flap with choice of options
  • OPTONE CLASSIC - 2H/1 flap
    OPTONE CLASSIC - 2H/1 flap


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