ISONE® 1500 range
  • Traditional mortar seal, no mounting accessories.
  • Upgradable mechanism: all components can be plugged in by hand.
  • Dual-voltage 24/48 V) trigger mechanism: control errors impossible.
  • Easy cabling using the removable terminal block.
  • Gang mounting using multiple standard dampers (rectangular range).

Discover the range

ISONE® 1500 range
    The ISONE® 1500 fire damper range with rings or sleeves is suited to ventilation systems with pressure levels between 500 and 1,500 Pa.

    ISONE® 1500 dampers cover a wide range of circular dimensions (Ø100 to Ø1000 mm) and rectangular (200*200 to 1500*500/1000*1000 mm) and integrate the ISONE upgradeable mechanism. They are designed to maintain the fire resistance level of a wall or concrete slab for 4 hours.
    Compartmentation of non-residential buildings (Public-access buildings, high-rise buildings, commercial or industrial premises, etc.)
    New builds and major refurbishment projects.
  • Upgradable mechanism.
  • Fire resistance up to 4 hours.
  • Gang mounting possible.
    The fire damper is used to compartmentalise the buildings to prevent fires from spreading. It can restore the fire resistance level of walls when they are penetrated by ventilation ducts.

    Embedded installation on:

    concrete and aerated concrete wall,

    concrete and aerated concrete slab.

  • The installation of ISONE® 1500 must comply with fire classification reports.