OPTIFLEX® oval ducts

OPTIFLEX® oval ducts

The first oval ventilation ducting for easy and reliable installation and which meets indoor air quality requirements.
OPTIFLEX® oval ducts
OPTIFLEX® oval ducts
OPTIFLEX oval ducts offer a semi-rigid plastic ducting solution to connect ventilation terminals to the fan unit in narrow non-heated areas of an individual house. They ensure the hygiene and quality of indoor air.
OPTIFLEX® oval ducts

The + products

  • leaktight ducting,
  • easy to install,
  • strong.
  • suited for unidirectional and HRV systems
  • long-lasting installation, 
  • quick to install,
  • indoor air quality.
  • semi-rigid plastic ducts,
  • diameter: 132 x 52 mm, equivalent Ø 90 mm,
  • Material: HDPE with anti-static and anti-bacterial (silver ion) treatments,
  • packaging: 20 m reel,
  • temperature range: -5 to +60°C.
  • accessories easily slotted into ducts using OPTIFLEX seals sold separately,
  • use OPTIFLEX seals sold separately to ensure an airtight seal,
  • lyre collars or perforated strips to attach ducts available as accessories,
  • in all cases, to prevent pressure losses and sound propagations, limit the use of bends to a minimum.

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