EasyVEC® Compact
  • Technical performance.
  • Peace of mind and support.
  • Ease of selection and use.
  • Synergy with the Aldes system offer.

Discover the range

EasyVEC® Compact
    The non-residential ventilation box fan range from 300 to 3,000 m3/h

  • Airflows: from 300 to 3,000 m3/h
  • EasyVEC® Compact Micro-watt+: Aldes patented micro-watt+ control (very low consumption), 

    EasyVEC® Compact Micro-watt: Aldes patented micro-watt control (low consumption),

    EasyVEC® Compact Standard: non-regulated, adjusted using potentiometer depending on models.

  • Up to 4 control modes depending on the model: regulated pressure, constant airflow, constant pressure or 0-10V external probe.

  • Direct-drive backward curve impeller to optimise output.
    Compact for mounting in suspended ceiling (465 mm max.),
    Galvanised steel box unit.
    Depending on the models: 25 mm acoustic insulation.

    On micro-watt and micro-watt+ versions:
  • Possible to padlock the proximity switch,
  • Filter replacement indicator on remote control,
  • Alarm reported by 5 A dry contact and lamp on remote control
  • Optional: Modbus connection and AldesConnect® Pro connectivity.

  • Large choice of options and accessories.
  • Made in France.
  • Indoors / outdoors (IP24).
  • Non-residential buildings.
  • Air exhaust / supply (via 0-10 V mode on EasyVEC® Compact micro-watt).
  • Commissioning offers: Serenity, Comfort, or Classic.
  • Extended warranty available on parts.
  • Technical Assistance hotline.
    Ventilation of non-residential buildings via suspended ceiling.
  • Horizontal or vertical installation (only indoors).
  • Installation in suspended ceilings, attics, equipment rooms, flat roofs.
  • Indoors / outdoors.