EasyVEC® C4
  • Commissioning offers: Premium, Serenity, Comfort, or Classic.
  • Technical Assistance hotline.
  • Extended warranty available on parts.
  • Technical performance.
  • Ease of selection and use.
  • Synergy with the system offer.

Discover the range

EasyVEC® C4
    EasyVEC® C4 is a range of unidirectional exhaust box fans.

  • Airflow from 5,000 to 12,000 m3/h:
  • EasyVEC® C4 micro-watt+, equipped with Aldes patented micro-watt+ control,

    EasyVEC® C4 micro-watt+, equipped with Aldes patented micro-watt control,

    EasyVEC® C4 standard.

  • Airflow: from 400 to 4,000 m3/h, a new generation of EasyVEC® C4 units available in three versions:
  • EasyVEC® C4 ULTIMATE: Aldes patented micro-watt+ control (very low consumption), acoustic insulation in plenum. Main options: AldesConnect® Pro connectivity module, category 5 anti-corrosion protection (C5-M, up to 1 km from coastline), 5-year warranty,

    EasyVEC® C4 ULTRA: Aldes patented micro-watt+ control (very low consumption),

    EasyVEC® C4 PRO: Aldes patented micro-watt (low consumption).

  • For all models:
  • compatible with the T.Flow® Hygro+/Nano domestic hot water production solution,

    fire resistance: C4: 400°C - 1/2 hour

    low energy EC motor (50/60 Hz),

    backward curve impeller (except EasyVEC® C4 standard - 400 to 2,500 m3/h),

    possible to padlock the proximity switch,

    unit made of galvanised steel Z275,

    models above 4,000 m3/h can be disassembled to pass through confined spaces,

    multiple accessories and options,

    compliant with Technical Approval for non-residential modulated ventilation No. 14.5/16-2185 and Technical Approval for “Bahia” humidity-controlled ventilation No. 14.5/17-2266 and No. 14.5/17-2267

  • CE-certified.
  • Made in France.
  • Exhaust fan for CMEV systems.
  • Multi-occupancy and non-residential housing, new and refurbishment
  • C4 certification 400°C - 1/2 h.
  • Auto-Adaptive Technology™: this technology optimises dwelling ventilation depending on occupancy and limits the environmental impact of buildings.

  • AldesConnect® Pro: remote monitoring service for ventilation units: in case of malfunction, an alert is transmitted by email.
    Aldes EasyVEC® C4 exhaust box fans are designed to ventilate multi-occupancy residential buildings. They regulate air renewal according to the ambient humidity level detected by humidity-controlled air inlets and terminals. This optimises energy consumption.
  • Installation:
  • on anti-vibration slab as per DTU 68.3 recommendations,

    outdoors or indoors, IP24 protection rating,

    on standard version: 3-phase factory option or single-phase.

  • For better acoustic and air handling performances, we recommend:
  • installing sound attenuators near the fan unit connections,

    using the ALDES VIRTUO-FIX sealed accessories range,

    using MS PRO sealed flexible sleeves to muffle ductwork vibrations.

  • Micro-watt and micro-watt+ versions: single-phase.
  • Standard version: 3-phase or single-phase.