VEX5000 Air handling unit


Air handling unit

VEX5000 is a high-performance and energy-efficient air handling unit with many variation options.
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The VEX5000 series is our 100% modular solution that can meet virtually any special requirements your project may have. The VEX5000 series is a 2-string system and can therefore supply either fully or partially separated airflows.

The unit is compact and flexible because it is composed of modular ventilation components. The many possible variations allow great freedom for combining and customising individual solutions to meet the customer's needs.

VEX5000 supplies ventilation for every purpose, being designed for comfort ventilation, for industrial plants with air quality requirements and for settings with high environmental requirements.

It has an integral, user-friendly control system, which allows for access via the internet or a hand-held terminal. Network communication supports BACNet via TCP/IP and Modbus via RS485 or TCP/IP. The control system has been readied for LONWORKS (option).

The + products

  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Complete modular unit with countless combination options,
  • Axial fan with market leading SFP values.
  • The fan can be used for operation under high pressure
  • Liquid connected heat exchanger
  • Easy configuration by means of unique design program

VEX5000 brings fresh, filtered air into the building and recovers the heat from the extract air using the highly efficient heating heat exchanger. The incoming air can be heated and/or cooled using a complete range of cooling and heating coils.

AX- Axial fan

PF - Plenum fan

MR/MS - Mixing and recirculation

SP – Inspection Module

EX - Crossflow heat exchanger

ER - Rotary heat exchanger

FX - Bag filter

IL – Inlet

HW - Heating coil

MD – Mixing

OL – Outlet

CW - Cooling coil

NR - Silencer

  • Selection of filter and pre-filter to guarantee air quality,
  • Built-in switch, depending on version,
  • EXcon 100% Plug & Play control:
    • Constant airflow.
    • Constant pressure.
    • Variable airflow using CO2/VOC sensor (0–10 V signal).
    • Regulated pressure: pressure control optimised to adapt the pressure setpoint according to to measured airflow, ensuring energy efficiency.
    • Temperature-controlled.
    • Built-in clock: operating hours can be controlled with timer.
  • Configuration and monitoring via remote touch-sensitive controls.
  • BMS communication protocols:
    • Integrated webserver - TCP/IP RJ45
    • Modbus RTU RS485
    • BACnet TCP/IP
    • LON (option)
  • Version prepared for a different control system also available.
  • Text ErP - Ventilation  :  Complies with eco-design regulation 1253/2014 and energy labelling regulation 1254/2014 for ventilation. Energy classes:
  • Eligibility for EEC  :  Yes
  • ESC data sheet no. 1  :  BAT-TH-126

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