DFE® Micro-Watt

DFE® Micro-Watt

DFE® Micro-Watt is a affordable compact counterflow unit for small rooms, that deliver good indoor air and have a simple automatic.
DFE® Micro-Watt
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DFE® Micro-Watt
DFE Micro-Watt is a compact counterflow air handling unit, with horizontal duct connections. The unit is delivered ready to use with a highly intuitive control and configuration interface.
DFE® Micro-Watt

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  • High-efficiency heat exchanger
  • ready to use,
  • motorised by-pass for free-cooling.
  • energy-efficient EC motors,
  • compact design,
  • simple control.

DFE Micro-Watt brings fresh, filtered air into the building and recovers heat from exhaust air using its high-efficiency heat exchanger. The incoming air can be heated and/or cooled using a comprehensive range of coils.

  • plug & Play pre-cabled monoblock unit,
  • casing structure made of extruded and anodized aluminum,
  • 15 mm double wall panels. DFE interior in galvanised steel,
  • polystyrene thermal insulation (M1 fire rating),
  • high efficiency counterflow heat exchanger. EUROVENT AAHE certified,
  • centrifugal fans with EC motors,
  • full controls via remote control unit:
    • constant airflow (CA),
    • constant pressure (CPs),
    • 0-10V signal (LS).
  • motorised bypass (70% on/off) enabling free-cooling,
  • ISO Coarse 65% (G4) flat and pleated filters (optional ISO ePM1 55% (F7) on fresh air),
  • proximity switch,
  • integrated clock,
  • galvanised steel condensate collection tray,
  • Modbus RTU (option via SATModbus),
  • configuration via RC with SATModbus relay, or GRC (optional accessories).

Air handling for energy-efficient non-residential buildings.

  • Text ErP - Ventilation  :  Complies with eco-design regulation 1253/2014 and energy labelling regulation 1254/2014 for ventilation. Energy classes:
  • Eligibility for EEC  :  Yes
  • ESC data sheet no. 1  :  BAR-TH-125
  • ESC data sheet no. 2  :  BAT-TH-126

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