InspirAIR® range
  • NF-certified and PassivHaus-certified eligible for multiple tax credits and financial aids.
  • Reduced heating costs.
  • Efficient filtration and custom recommendations for filters by the AldesConnect® app.
  • Possible to arrange commissioning by Aldes personnel.
  • A genuine benefit for the health and well-being of dwelling occupants.
  • Product designed and manufactured in France, CE-certified.

Discover the range

InspirAIR® range
  • The InspirAIR® range combines heat recovery ventilation with air purification. It blends energy efficiency with occupant well-being.
  • InspirAIR® products are installed in a suspended ceiling (Side models) or on a wall (Top models), blending technical excellence, comfort of use and design.

  • As a pioneer in air quality, Aldes offers innovative solutions thanks to its filters and different ventilation control solutions using air quality sensors.
  • All products in the range can be connected to the AldesConnect® app to monitor indoor air quality and take real-time actions on ventilation.

  • InspirAIR® options available:
  • Side (in suspended ceiling): SC 150 (60 m2), SC240 (80 m2) and SC370 (150 m2).

    Top (on wall): SC 300 (100 m2) and SC450 (200 m2).

    2 versions: Premium or Classic.

    2 configurations (front panel opens left or right)

    2 types of installation: Side model in suspended ceiling or Top model on a wall.

    3 types of control setting: constant speed, constant airflow, variable airflow depending on CO2 level (0-10V input).

    4 speeds: Holidays. Auto, Kitchen or Guests.

    5 filters available: dust (extract), pollen, VCO, fine particles, bacteria (supply).

    Connectivity: CO2 sensor (air quality), ModBus, ALDES iBus, AldesConnect® app for smartphone.

    For individual housing and multi-occupancy buildings, new projects or refurbishments.
  • Ventilation controlled by indoor air quality sensors.
  • Largest range of filters on the market, up to 80% of 1 micron particles. These filters are available as options: pollen, fine particles, bacteria and VOC.
  • Solution can be connected using AldesConnect® box and the app
  • A full range to ensure the overall performance of the ventilation system.
  • Genuine support for trade professionals through Aldes trade tools.
    Permanent ventilation of whole dwelling with heat recovery and filtration of air supply.

  • Heat recovery ventilation:
  • acts on air quality: incoming air is purified by high-quality filters, customised, accessible and easy to maintain.

    supplies healthy air to living spaces (living room and bedrooms) for occupant well-being.

    ensures genuine thermal and acoustic comfort: air inlets in each living space that allow outdoor noise, cold air in winter and hot air in summer to enter are pointless.

    reduces heating costs and is environmentally-friendly: heat calories in extracted air are recovered to heat air supplied to rooms, thereby reducing the need for heating with an economical CMEV.

  • Installation recommended in the heated space.
  • Installation in suspended ceiling for Side models or on wall for Top models. Horizontal installation on the floor is prohibited.
  • Condensate discharge diameter: 32 mm.