Nano Air®² Classic

Nano Air®² Classic

The innovative heat recovery ventilation solution for individual rooms, which combine healthier air, preservation of the building and savings on heating costs.
Nano Air®² Classic
Nano Air®² Classic
Compact heat recovery ventilation solution built into the wall to ventilate a room. Fitted with a ceramic heat exchanger, its renews air while recovering heat calories from warm stale air to supply fresh, pre-heated and filtered air.
Nano Air®² Classic

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  • more ease of installation: no ducts installed in the house.
  • more silence: exceptionally low noise level.
  • more purified air: through its efficient filter system to remove dust, pollen and insects.

In Heat Recovery mode, the Nano Air®2 Classic alternates its operation with two cycles lasting 70 seconds each.

  • Cycle I: Warm stale air is removed from the room.
  • Cycle II: Fresh air is drawn in from outside, filtered and supplied into the room.
  • 3 speed modes available.
  • airflow from 14 m3/h to 54 m3/h.
  • 2 pollen filters.
  • EC motor.
  • ceramic heat accumulator, efficiency up to 88 %.
  • control possible using remote control or buttons on product:
    • manually, with three-position selector switches to provide basic functions,
    • with the remote control, for more accurate control (night mode, humidity parameters).
  • adjustable panel to control airflow > protective damper against backdrafts when the unit is stopped,
  • operating temperature limit:
    • ambient temperature from -20°C to +50°C, relative humidity up to 80%.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • a round hole of diameter 180 mm must be drilled in the wall to fit the Nano Air®² Classic.
  • the air duct is fitted into the wall using the polystyrene wedges supplied and builders foam.
  • the telescopic end of the air duct must enable the outer ventilation grille to be fitted.
  • the air duct must provide a minimum slope of 3 mm on the outside wall.
Insulation material Type of motor


  • Text ErP - Ventilation  :  Complies with eco-design regulation 1253/2014 and energy labelling regulation 1254/2014 for ventilation. Energy classes: see ErP regulation page.

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  • Nano Air®² Classic
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