• Aldes self-balanced exhaust terminals ensure an exhaust airflow whatever the occupancy conditions of the dwelling. This enables continuous air renewal for high indoor air quality.

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Range of self-balanced grilles
  • In a self-balanced CMEV system, the terminals and air inlets are self-balanced, ensuring a constant airflow whatever the weather conditions or room occupancy. The pressure range for self-balanced terminals is from 50 to 160 Pa with an airflow tolerance of (-0; +30%).

  • Different models:
  • Bap’SI single airflow ≤ 60 m³/h: self-balanced base airflow whatever the conditions;

    Bap'SI dual airflow: self-balanced standard airflow, controlled boost airflow;

    Bap'SI Twin single airflow for values between 15 and 150 m³/h: self-balanced base airflow; 

    Bap’SI also exist in a modulo version; the same terminal can supply several airflows (to be selected on site).

  • Type of control:
  • PUSH: actuated using a push button for a 30-minute period (battery or mains-powered).

    CORD timer-controlled: activated/deactivated by pulling the cord (no electrical power)

  • Type of power supply: 
  • Battery not supplied: Type 6 LR61 9V battery

    230V: accessory for interface between 9V DC and 230V AC accessory to be ordered separately

    12V: CAL accessory 12V AC - 8V DC to be ordered separately

  • Self-balanced Mechanical Exhaust Ventilation,
  • Residential and non-residential,
  • New builds and refurbishment.
  • Modulo version used to adapt the airflow directly on site,
  • Its unique no-grille design conserves the aesthetic character of the terminal even if it is clogged,
  • Good air tightness and easy to clean,
  • No grille to make maintenance easier.
    Type of heating: electricity, gas (room-sealed boiler) or other independent
    of the CMEV.

  • Type of heating: electricity, gas (room-sealed boiler) or other independent of CMEV,
  • Air inlets sized to minimum airflow.

  • Type of heating: boiler connected to CMEV,
  • To comply with requirements, grilles must be installed as per the table opposite.
    The terminals are installed in wet rooms (kitchen, bath/shower).
  • Versions with Ø 125 mm shaft (Roll-In seal):
  • Slots into sleeves, RT Flex, rigid ducts,

    The Roll-In seal (or foam seal for the Bap’SI Twin 100 to 150 m3/h) ensures an airtight closure and the interface with the wall.

  • Shaftless versions:
  • Clipped onto a Ø 125 mm shaft (Roll-In seal), Ø 116 mm shaft (Roll-In seal), or Ø 100 mm shaft (foam seal).

    Screwed attachment directly onto the wall.

    Clipped onto the retrofit plate.