MTR Standard Sleeve

MTR Standard


MTR is the rectangular standard wall penetration sleeve for multi-occupancy residential buildings.
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MTR Standard
The MTR standard is made of galvanised metal sheet and available in three different depths: 7, 9 or 14 cm. Associated with a rectangular wall penetration, it is used to fit a masonry type hood on the outside and a self-balanced or humidity-controlled air inlet on the inside.
MTR Standard

The + products

  • liner aesthetic on building façade with masonry hood,
  • mortar seal in simple rectangular wall penetration,
  • suited to all Aldes air inlets: Self-balanced, Humidity-controlled and Fixed.

MTR is the standard wall penetration sleeve. The MTR Acoustic is made of galvanised metal sheet. It serves to install high-performance acoustic air inlets on wall penetrations. For linear aesthetics on building façades.

  • MTR Standard is a rectangular sleeve made of galvanised sheet,
  • Lined with melamine foam for sound proofing,
  • the sleeve is compatible with self-balanced, humidity-controlled, or fixed air inlets.
  • When installed inside the insulation, the MTR standard sleeve serves to attach an air inlet on the inside and a rectangular masonry cover on the outside, using a rectangular penetration (straight, female),
  • the sleeve is fitted with a 3 cm nose and an airtight seal on the top,
  • the nose ensures the sleeve is correctly positioned in relation to the rectangular penetration (straight, female),
  • the rectangular penetration serves to connect the MTR standard sleeve to the outdoor masonry cover.
  • It is available in three different depths: 52, 70 or 90 mm.
Insulation material
MTR Standard
References H (mm) w (mm) L (mm)
11011366 - MTR Standard 7 cm




11011367 - MTR Standard 9 cm




11011369 - MTR Standard 14 cm




1. MTR, 2. TR, 3. Air inlet, 4. Outdoor hood

Products and accessories references

  • MTR Standard 7 cm
    MTR Standard 7 cm
    36,00 (without VAT)
  • MTR Standard 9 cm
    MTR Standard 9 cm
    39,70 (without VAT)
  • MTR Standard 14 cm
    MTR Standard 14 cm
    46,00 (without VAT)

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