Filter kit for EHT² EFT² Continuous exhaust fan

Filter kit for EHT² EFT²

Continuous exhaust fan

With the EHT² filtered air inlet, there is finally an approved exhaust solution that blocks pollen and fine particles!
Filter kit for EHT² EFT²
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Filter kit for EHT² EFT²
The EHT² filtered air inlet delivers fresh air and controls the distribution of airflow entering the dwelling based on the humidity level while filtering out fine particles:
- ePM10 90%,
- ePM2.5 80%,
- ePM1 77%,
The EHT² filtered air inlet includes soundproofing up to 41 dB for 300 mm walls and up to 43 dB for 350 mm walls (using a 50 mm acoustic foam extension).
Filter kit for EHT² EFT²

The + products

  • long-lasting improvement in indoor air quality,
  • the only filtered humidity-controlled air inlet,
  • easy to clean and no consumables required,
  • Made in France.
  • asset value can be increased by certification or label,
  • under Technical Approval,
  • possible to equip one or more rooms.

EHT² provides healthier air to the dwelling through a wall penetration duct and an external grille on the building façade. The filtered inlet is inserted in the duct to filter out fine particles before the air enters the building. Acoustic foam is also added for the attenuation of outdoor noise.

  • high performance acoustic air inlet,
  • used in wall penetration,
  • outdoor hoods available in white or sand.

This product is also compatible with EFT² fixed air inlets.

The electrostatic filter for EHT² is supplied as a kit including 114 mm acoustic foam, a D67 mm electrical box and a cleaning brush.

The EHT² or EFT² air inlet, the GEB or GES external cover and the transformer must be ordered separately. You will also need a standard PVC duct with external diameter of 125 mm.

  • The EHT² electrostatic filter is mounted in the duct inside the EHT² wall penetration
  • 125 mm diameter connection to Bath/shower PVC pipe
  • the EHT² / EFT² must be directly screwed onto the wall (no shaft),
  • a 12 V DC or 24V power supply is required for the electrical box,
  • the electrical box has a standard diameter of 67 mm and is supplied in the kit.
Main material Insulation material Type of filtration Colour


Filter kit for EHT² EFT² Filter kit for EHT² EFT² Filter kit for EHT² EFT²
H (mm) L (mm) P (mm) Ø connection (mm)





  • Identification no. QB37  :  05/02-CHY1-2267; 05/02-CHY1-2266; 05/02-CHY2-2185
  • Technical Opinion no.  :  14.5/17-2266; 14.5/17-2267; 14.5/17-2185

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  • Soundproof foam electrostatic filter 105 mm
    Soundproof foam electrostatic filter 105 mm
    742,00 (without VAT)


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