PLAFONE is a fire and smoke control tunnel damper for public access buildings, high-rises or category 3 and 4 residential buildings.
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PLAFONE is a fire and smoke control tunnel damper for public access buildings, high-rises or category 3 and 4 residential buildings. It can be installed in a suspended ceiling. It features the ISONE upgradable mechanism.

The + products

  • minimal leak rate,
  • certified for remote installation and horizontal installation,
  • ISONE scalable mechanism.
  • wide range of approved ducts.

In standby position, the damper is closed. It opens when instructed by the FACP and moves into failsafe position.

  • CE marking compliant as per EN 12101-8: 1812 - CPD -1054,
  • fire resistance classification as per EN 1366-10 test:
    • EI 120 (ved-ho-io) S -1500 Pa - AA multi, in accordance with § 7.2.4 of EN13501-4.
  • certified up to EI 120 S on the following smoke and heat exhaust ducts (and products compliant with EN 1366-9 of the same material and same density):
    • PROMATECT L500,
    • GEOFLAM / GEOFLAM Light,
    • GLASROC F V500,
    • Desenfire,
    • STAFF PUR.
  • compliant with French standard NF-S-61937-10,
  • very low leak rate, < 200 m3/h per m² of blade at 1,500 Pa,
  • most demanding fire resistance classification: EI 120 S -1500 Pa.
  • 2 metallic sleeves,
  • drilled refractory complex for attachment in smoke exhaust duct EN 1366-8 or -9,
  • ISONE type electrical control mechanism, can accept an electromagnetic trip device, up to 4 signal contacts and an EHOP reset motor,
  • nominal X - Y dimensions of damper: dimensions of installation hole in duct,
  • more information on ISONE type mechanism in fire damper pages.
  • “multi-compartment” smoke control damper are suited to “mono-compartment” applications,
  • maximum negative pressure: - 1500 Pa,
  • fire direction: inside the smoke exhaust duct (when the damper is closed),
  • use of the CONCEPTOR DESENFUMAGE design software recommended to define the opening dimensions in the suspended ceiling,
  • nominal X and Y dimensions of damper = interior dimensions of duct,
  • insert the short 60 mm sleeve of the damper in the duct air stream,
  • attachment to the duct using screws and adhesive,
  • installation in the supporting duct must comply with CE certification, classification report available on
Free air passage section (dm²) Insulation material

1,5 (Min) - 81,8 (Max)

Lmin x Hmin (mm) Lmax x Hmax (mm)

200 x 200

1000 x 1000 / 1500 x 500

  • PV CE number  :  1812-CPR-1054

1. PLAFONE tunnel damper

2. Smoke exhaust duct

3. Recommendation for slab penetration (depends on duct brand)

4. Ceiling slab

5. Wall (not included in the fire resistance classification)

Products and accessories references

  • PLAFONE tunnel damper with choice of options
    PLAFONE tunnel damper with choice of options
    from 285,00 (without VAT)


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  • Certificate of consistency of performance CE - CPR / PV FEU /PLAFONE
    2 MB
  • Declaration of performance (DOP) PLAFONE
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  • Fire resistance rating certificate PLAFONE
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  • PLAFONE Installation & maintenance instructions
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