GFE - Edged Transfer grille

GFE - Edged

Transfer grille

The concealed frame of the GFE grille - Edged offers elegant and discreet aesthetics, while covering the opening.
GFE - Edged
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GFE - Edged
Simply install the GFE grille - Edged directly in the opening in front of the damper. Its concealed frame offers elegant and discreet aesthetics, as only a slim edge is visible on the front. This flush-mounted grille features a fixed fin core which protects the damper while concealing the opening.
GFE - Edged

The + products

  • discreet aesthetics as flush-mounted with wall,
  • exists in large height (floor-to-ceiling),
  • RAL colour paints available.
  • removable core using 007 clip for H < 1,000 mm,
  • RAL colour paints available,
  • robust protection of smoke control damper,
  • NEW: grille included in ALDES Architect offer.

The decorative GFE grille - Edged is flush-fitted in the wall to protect and decorate the smoke control damper.

  • compliant with resistance test report:
    • fully covers the damper,
  • fin core identical to an aluminium GFA.
  • concealed frame: only a slim edge is visible on the front,
  • flush-mounted grille,
  • fin core fixed in frame,
  • optional Omega clipped core available up to H = 1,000 mm,
  • air passage ≥ 91.3%,
  • available for opening dimensions L x H:
    • 250 ≤ L ≤ 1,200 mm (in 5 mm increments),
    • 100 ≤ H ≤ 3,200 mm (in 5 mm increments).
  • choice of L and H dimensions according to rule:
    • L (grille) = overall width of damper + 70 mm,
    • H (grille) = overall height of damper + 70 mm,
    • round L and H up to the nearest 25 mm increment.
  • finishes:
    • anodised aluminium finish as standard,
    • high-resistance epoxy paint possible depending on RAL colour desired,
    • ALDES ARCHITECT finish: metallic paint finish or patterned (wood, stone, etc.).
  • grille flush-mounted in wall,
  • frame attached using screws (not supplied).
Insulation material Type of finish


GFE - Edged GFE - Edged
Lmin x Hmin (mm) Lmax x Hmax (mm)

250 x 100

1200 x 3200

Products and accessories references

  • GFE grille Edged (OMEGA clip option possible)
    GFE grille Edged (OMEGA clip option possible)
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