GFAP 007 Transfer grille

GFAP 007

Transfer grille

The GFAP 007 decorative grille serves to conceal openings or smoke control dampers.
GFAP 007
GFAP 007
The GFAP 007 is identical to the GFA 007, only the nominal dimensions are different. The choice of dimensions depends on the opening to conceal (no link with the X and Y dimensions of an Aldes damper). The GFAP 007 can be fitted directly to the wall using the spacers supplied, no mounting frame is required.
It features a removable core, locked using the clever 007 clip, which can also be used to suspend the fin core to make it easier to reset the smoke control damper.
The GFAP 007 grille is especially suited to OXYTONE and AIRONE dampers.
GFAP 007

The + products

  • identical aesthetic to GFA 007,
  • removable core can be locked by quarterturn,
  • core suspended using 007 clip.
  • simplified attachment,
  • robust protection for dampers and air inlets,
  • NEW: grille available in ALDES Architect offer.

The GFAP 007 grille can protect and decorate a smoke control damper or an opening, when installed against the wall.

    • removable fin core can be locked using the 007 clip,
    • fin core can be suspended using the 007 clip,
  • finishes:
    • standard natural anodised finish,
    • high-resistance epoxy paint possible depending on RAL colour desired,
    • ALDES ARCHITECT finish: metallic paint finish or patterned (wood, stone, etc.),
  • choice of X and Y dimensions and a GFAP 007 filter based on the rule:
    • X (GFAP 007) = width of opening - 50 mm,
    • Y (GFAP 007) = height of opening - 50 mm.
  • dimensional range X and Y:
    • 200 ≤ X ≤ 1,300 mm (in 5 mm increments),
    • 250 ≤ Y ≤ 1,100 mm (in 25 mm increments).
  • wall-mounted without mounting frame,
  • screw-fastened directly onto wall (screws not supplied),
  • use spacers supplied to adjust gap between grille and wall.

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