OPTONE® damper range
  • Models with 1 leaf and 2 leaves (1V and 2V) can be motorised
  • OPTONE® “Classic’ and custom GFA007 grille.
  • Faster installation time for OPTONE® “+Grille” model
  • Easy wiring.
  • Simplicity: nominal dimensions = housing dimensions.
  • Single mounting frame, reversible top/bottom for all OPTONE models.
  • Cable glands integrated.

Discover the range

OPTONE® damper range
    OPTONE® is a range of gated smoke control dampers with one or two leaves. Fully motorised to facilitate maintenance operations and ensure the reliability of the system at all times.

  • Wide range of sizes: from 300*300 to 1000*1200 mm, offering a free air passage from 4.5 dm² to 104.2 dm².

  • Very low leakage below 1000 Pa: less than 200 m³/h per m² of leaf.

  • The dampers are certified up to EI 120 S fire resistance level.

  • A wide range of grilles can be attached, blending aesthetic finish with protection.

  • This range also proposes the exclusive OPTONE® “+Grille” option which eliminates the need to install a separate grille.
  • Mechanical or natural smoke and heat exhaust.
  • Models with 1 leaf and 2 leaves can be motorised.
  • OPTONE® “+Grille”: time savings on installation.
  • Wide range of customisable protective grilles.
  • CONCEPTOR DES software for air handling sizing and installation manual.
  • The OPTONE® damper opens when actuated by the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).
  • It can be remotely rearmed for maintenance operations.
  • Easy to install with mounting frame,
  • Fast installation of OPTONE® “+Grille” model,
  • Protection and decoration of OPTONE® “Classic” model using a wide range of aesthetic and custom grilles.