VELONE® range
  • Airflow up to 27,000 m3/h
  • Factory-wired electrical accessories and mounted inside to protect against shocks and bad weather.
  • Pressure switch connected to air ducts in factory.
  • IPX4 certified rain hood kit
  • Pivot pin = easy cleaning.
  • All-in-One option: saves time on cabling, operational guarantee and simplified installation on site.

Discover the range

VELONE® range
  • Main characteristics of VELONE F400 smoke and heat exhaust roof fans:
  • airflow from 500 to 27,000 m3/h depending on the model,

    1 or 2 speeds (depending on model),

    single or 3-phase motor (depending on model), F Class, IP55

    galvanised steel protective frame and screens

    ABS cowl.

  • Accessories and adaptations:
  • for installation outdoors on duct, on base or on flat roof,

    pressure switch for 1 or 2 speeds,

    lockable proximity switch,

    IPX4 certified rain hood kit,

    frequency controller,

    pivot pin for easier maintenance.

  • This range of roof fans can replace older models delivered between 1998 and 2007.
  • F400-120 classification as per EN 12101-3.
  • CE certification.
  • Made in France.
  • Non-residential buildings (public-access buildings, high-rise buildings, commercial or industrial premises, etc.)
  • Multi-occupancy residential (mainly cat.3 B and cat. 4)
  • Non-residential premises with need for fire protection rating (professional kitchen, sports hall, workshop, etc.).
    Lab-tested IPX4 rain hood kit.
  • The VELONE F400 smoke and heat exhaust roof fan is designed to remove smoke from a room as soon as a fire outbreak is detected to enable occupants to evacuate.
  • The roof fan is controlled by an AXONE Micro box. It must be installed outdoors.
  • Directly outdoors on duct, on base or on flat roof.
  • Accessories make the installation of the roof fan easier: flat roof base height 330 mm or 500 mm for insulated roofs, kit for installation on galvanised circular duct.