ProtectONE® TR 2-speed - Dahlander

ProtectONE® TR 2-speed - Dahlander

ProtectONE® TR 2SP is an F400-120 smoke and heat exhaust box fan for commercial and industrial premises.
ProtectONE® TR 2-speed - Dahlander
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ProtectONE® TR 2-speed - Dahlander
ProtectONE® TR 2SP - Dahlander is an F400-120 smoke and heat exhaust box fan for commercial and industrial premises. It features a belt-driven backward curve impeller. The ProtectONE® Adapt adjustment device can adjust the exhaust airflow easily at any time.
ProtectONE® TR 2-speed - Dahlander

The + products

  • easily adjusted airflow with the exclusive ProtectONE® Adapt system,
  • can be fully dismantled as standard (except for insulated model),
  • thermal insulation for installation in equipment room,
  • backward curve impeller: smaller variation in airflow even if pressure losses vary.
  • the backward curve impeller provides better results through slighter changes in the airflow if pressure losses vary.

When commanded by the FACP, the safety box will activate ProtectONE® T in smoke exhaust mode to extract smoke. The box will then switch to “default” mode, then “standby”.

  • complies with CE marking 1812-CPR-1548,
  • certified EFECTIS F400-12 as per EN12101-3,
  • safety box compliant with NF standards (NF S61-937-1, NFS61937-9, NF 537),
  • belt-driven exhaust box fan,
  • 8 models for airflow from 1,000 to 35,000 m³/h,
  • Dahlander 2-speed motor generating 1.5 kW to 20 kW,
  • balanced backward curve impeller,
  • adjustable pulley,
  • class F electric motor, IP55,
  • galvanised steel casing, can be dismantled as standard,
  • motor access panel adjustable on site,
  • proximity switch fitted in factory,
  • built-in airflow adjustment device: ProtectONE® Adapt (patented system) exclusive to Aldes (optional),
  • ProtectONE® TR 2SP DAH removes:
    • smoke and hot gases in case of fire from any commercial building,
    • contaminated air in commercial and industrial premises,
    • pollutants in professional kitchens.
  • accessories:
    • square/circular adjustment plate for intake,
    • rain hood anti-bird visor on outlet,
    • rectangular and circular flexible sleeve,
    • rectangular/circular flexible adapter part on outlet,
    • anti-vibration mountings,
    • backdraft damper,
    • rain hood + grille,
    • outlet flange,
    • AXONE 1SP safety box, 1-speed progressive start,
    • AXONE 2SP safety box, 2-speed smoke exhaust and comfort + smoke exhaust.
  • available options:
    • “All-in-One” solution: safety box + switch + pressure switch installed and wired in factory,
    • choice of motor access panel,
    • horizontal or vertical outlet,
    • thermal + acoustic insulation certified 12101-3 for installation in equipment rooms,
    • variable pulley,
    • ProtectONE® Adapt (patented): rapid airflow adjustment.
  • indoors or outdoors,
  • indoor installation: use thermal-acoustic insulation option (EN 12101-3),
  • outdoor installation: use rain hood + bird screen,
  • proximity switch supplied fitted and wired, with position contacts.
  • PV CE number  :  1812-CPR-1548

1 Circular flexible sleeve air intake or outlet

2 Rectangular-circular adapter part for intake

3 Backdraft damper (outlet)

4 Rectangular flexible sleeve (intake + outlet)

5 Outlet flange

6 Flexible rectangular circular adapter part on outlet

7 Rain hood visor and bird screen

8 Anti-vibration mountings

9 Safety box (+ bracket and rain hood visor)

10 Thermal and acoustic insulation

11 Pressure switch

12 Variable pulley

13 ProtectONE® Adapt

14 Vertical outlet grille

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  • Certificate of consistency of performance CE - CPR / PV FEU / ProtectONE® T
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  • Extension PV Feu Peinture Epoxy ProtectONE
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  • Declaration of performance (DOP) ProtectONE® TA/TR
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  • EU/EC Declaration of Conformity ProtectONE® T
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  • ProtectONE® T Installation & maintenance instructions
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