ProtectONE® R range
  • Easily adjusted airflow with the exclusive ProtectONE® Adapt system.
  • Fully removable as standard.
  • Modular connection to discharge: left, right, vertical.
  • Thermal insulation for installation in equipment room.
  • Backward curve impeller: better results through smaller variation in airflow if pressure losses vary.
  • All-in-One solution: saves time on cabling, operational guarantee and simplified installation on site.

Discover the range

ProtectONE® R range
  • ProtectONE® R is a range of F400-120 smoke and heat exhaust fans, offering direct drive technology with a backward curve impeller for enhanced results.

  • ProtectONE® R is available in 10 unit sizes, offering airflow rates from 500 to 21,000 m3/h.
  • F class electric 3-phase motor, IP54, 1 or 2 speeds.

  • 2 configurations possible:
  • with in-line discharge,

    90° discharge.

  • These units are equipped with the ProtectONE®Adapt system exclusive to Aldes, which serves to adjust the exhaust airflow (up to 25%) to easily reach the optimum operating point, safely and in full observance of the compliance report.

  • This range is easier to adjust, integrate and install; it offers an improved response to regulatory requirements.
  • Possible to padlock the proximity switch.

  • Made in France.
  • NF certification.
  • IP54 protection rating.
  • Smoke and heat extraction in case of fire in all non-residential buildings.
  • Extraction of stale air in non-residential and industrial buildings.
  • Extraction of pollutants in professional kitchens.
    ProtectONE® rapid airflow adjustment device included in unit.
    ProtectONE® R is controlled by the FACP via the safety box.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors. 
  • Indoors: use thermal insulation option (EN12101-3),

    Outdoors: use screened rain hood.

  • Proximity switch supplied fitted and connected with limit switches.