Large range of dimensions: from Ø 355 mm to Ø 1600 mm.
    New motors (from 0.25 kW to 45 kW, 1 or 2 speeds, independent or Dahlander windings), accessories for all types of installation.

Discover the range

    HELIONE is a range of axial smoke and heat exhaust ventilation fans.

    HELIONE is available from Ø 355 to Ø 1600 mm for airflows from 1500 to 200,000 m3/h and for pressures from 100 to 800 Pa.

    The range is completed with:

    accessories for installation and connection of fan units to ducts,

    accessories for protection of personnel,

    finishes available in stainless steel, epoxy paint or hot-dip galvanised for aggressive environments,

    the Residential CAR PARK BOX: this box serves to control smoke and heat exhaust as well as ventilation for the car park,

    counter-rotating model for high pressures,

    axial smoke and heat exhaust roof fans.

    F200-120, F400-120 class or unclassified.
    CE certification.
    Made in France.
    Residential: indoor car parks.
    Non-residential buildings: car parks, retail stores.
    Dual pole motor on diameters 560 to 800 mm to save space.
    Finishes: stainless steel, epoxy paint or hot-dip galvanised for aggressive environments.
    Counter-rotating model for high pressures.
    HELIONE fan units require connection to the ventilation / smoke exhaust circuit to remove stale air and smoke to the outside.
    They can be controlled by an AXONE safety box or a car park box.
    Numerous accessories for installation and personnel safety.
    Installation on circular or square ducts, slab penetrations with the “Gusset” option.