ISONE®2.1 rectangular Fire damper

ISONE®2.1 rectangular

Fire damper

ISONE® 2.1 dampers are simple to select: a single model for all partitions and all fire resistance levels.
ISONE®2.1 rectangular
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ISONE®2.1 rectangular
Fire dampers for non-residential buildings (public access building, high-rise)
They restore the fire resistance of partition walls crossed by a ventilation duct.
Equipped with 70°C fusible link trip device by default
Controllable by electromagnetic coil trip device: 24/48 V DC current emission; 24 V DC or 48 V DC current break
Reset motor 24/48 V AC/DC
Fire resistance up to 120 minutes on all common partition walls
ISONE® 2.1 Rectangular PM:
- (LxH): from 200x100 to 800x600 mm,
- ISONE® 2.1 control mechanism.
• ISONE® 2.1 GM Rectangular:
- (LxH): L>800, H>600, up to 1500x500 / 1000x1000.
ISONE®2.1 rectangular

The + products

  • Single damper model for all partitions: easy to select
  • Ergonomic quick reset handle: 2 seconds suffice.
  • Optional stainless steel pin for harsh environments
  • Optional remote control box, 0.7 m or 3 m cord
  • ALDES SecurONE application for damper data collection and sharing
  • Single mechanism, from the simplest to the highest-spec damper: easy to choose, install and maintain
  • Easynstall kit for simple installation in lightweight partition
  • New universal damper
  • Ergonomic mechanism box: quick reset handle, large electrical connection box.
  • Conceptor Ventilation software: guaranteed results based on pressure loss calculations for whole system.
  • The damper is open in standby position.
  • It opens when instructed by the FACP or thermal rod and moves into safety position (closed).
  • Being motorised, it can be reset remotely.
  • Certified and compliant with NF S 61937-5 and NF 537
  • CE marked as per EN 15650: 1812-CPR-1837
  • Class C airtight properties as per EN 1751 as standard
  • EI 120 S - 500 Pa on concrete / aerated concrete walls and slabs, type F plasterboard, remote installation on PROMAT / Geostaff
  • EXAP EN 15882-2:2015, rules X.45 and X.46.
  • Range from 200x100 mm to 1500x500 mm / 1000x1000 mm
  • Fully upgradable mechanism
  • Single damper adaptable to all walls
  • Lightweight wall installation with post-fitted frame
  • Reset handle indicating damper position
  • Wide electrical connection box
  • Optional stainless steel pin for harsh environments
  • Easynstall kit for simple installation in lightweight partition
  • Optional remote control unit
  • Low pressure loss
  • Mounted on lightweight partition with no seal, even with post-fitted frame,
    • Embedded installation on:
    • Concrete and aerated concrete wall/slab
    • Plaster block wall
    • Type A plasterboards (1h) and type F (2h)
  • Remote mounting on PROMAT / GEOSTAF using the EASYNSTALL kits,
  • Easy to mount on lightweight partitions thanks to the installation brackets,
  • Easynstall kit for simple mounting of rectangular dampers in type A lightweight partition (60 minutes),
  • Adapter part for connection to oblong ducting,
  • EXAP EN 15882-2:2015, rules X.45 and X.46: extended opening dimensions,
  • Comply with fire resistance classification reports during installation.

> ISONE® 2.1 GM: > 800x600 to 1500x500 / 1000² > ISONE 2.1 PM: 200x100 to 800x600

ISONE®2.1 rectangular
  • PV CE number  :  1812-CPR-1837

  • 1: mounted on concrete wall EI 120
  • 2: mounted on concrete slab EI 120
  • 3: mounted on lightweight partition EI 120 with additional heels
  • 4: mounted on plaster tile wall EI 120 with additional heels
  • 5: mounted on lightweight partition EI 600 with Easynstall kit

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  • Certificate de constance des performances ISONE®2.1
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  • Fire resistance rating certificate ISONE®2.1 Rectangular
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  • Product Environmental Profile ISONE®2 Rectangular
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  • Notice ISONE® 2.1 Rectangular
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