ISONE® 2.1 range
  • Fully upgradable mechanism
  • Single damper adaptable to all walls
  • Reset handle indicating damper position
  • Wide electrical connection box
  • Damper data collected by ALDES SecurONE app to make maintenance on site easier
  • Just one circular model and one rectangular model for all partition walls and all fire resistance levels: easy to select even if the project changes while work is in progress.

Discover the range

ISONE® 2.1 range
    ISONE® 2.1 is a new range of fire damper meeting all compartmentation requirements.

  • It is optimised to make installation easier and to meet regulatory requirements.

  • The ISONE® 2.1 range offers a single damper certified for all common partition walls: concrete walls and slabs, plasterboard, plasterboard tiles, etc. The ISONE®2.1 is easy to install on all surfaces and offers a full range of installation and connection accessories. Furthermore, the range is fully upgradeable, from the most basic to the highest-spec auto-controlled damper.

  • ISONE® 2.1 dampers offer a wide circular range (Ø 100 to Ø 900 mm) and rectangular range (200x100 to 1000x1000 / 1500x500 mm) and offer Class C airtight performance as per standard EN 1751.

  • Their maintenance is particularly easy as data are collected directly from the damper by the ALDES SecurONE app. The mechanism can also run basic test using a fast reset function and an easily accessible activation button.

  • Certified and compliant with NF S 61937-5 and NF 537
  • CE marked as per EN 15650: 1812-CPR-1837
  • Class C airtight properties as per EN 1751 as standard
  • EI 120 S - 500 Pa on concrete / aerated concrete walls and slabs, type F plasterboard, remote installation on PROMAT / Geostaff
  • Auto-control model certified for 150 cycles
  • Motorised model certified for 10,000 cycles
  • EXAP EN 15882-2:2015, rules X.45 and X.46.
  • Circular range from D100 mm to D900 mm
  • Rectangular range from 200x100 mm to 1500x500 / 1000²
  • New builds,
  • Refurbishment,
  • Non-residential buildings.
  • Single damper for all walls.
  • Optional stainless less pin for harsh environments.
  • Remote control box.
  • Application for damper collection and sharing.
  • Single damper mechanism from the most basic to the most equipped.
    ISONE 2.1 is a fire damper that closes to restore the fire resistance level of the wall on which it is installed. It also prevents propagation of fire. Closure can be auto-controlled using a probe and via remote control. The damper reports its position to the FACP using start position (standby, open) and end position (safety position, closed) limit switches. It can be remotely rearmed for maintenance operations.
  • Installation on lightweight walls with post-fitted frame: no more need to remove the partition if the frame is forgotten.
  • Ergonomic, fast reset handle: damper position indicator, 2-second reset, with or without additional lever.
  • Wide electrical connection box separate from the mechanism.