EasyHOME HYGRO Classic

EasyHOME HYGRO Classic

The EasyHOME HYGRO Classic ventilation solution automatically adapts to needs by detecting the humidity level in each room.
EasyHOME HYGRO Classic
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EasyHOME HYGRO Classic
EasyHOME HYGRO Classic is a humidity-controlled unidirectional ventilation solution which adapts the air renewal rate to the humidity level or the presence of occupants in the dwelling, thereby preventing pointless heat losses.
The rate is controlled room by room by the humidity-controlled air inlets and terminals.
EasyHOME HYGRO is compatible with multiple ducting solutions and can be installed with Optiflex semi-rigid ducts for an airtight, high-performance installation.
EasyHOME HYGRO can be installed in an attic.
EasyHOME HYGRO Classic

The + products

  • ventilation to precisely match your needs thanks to humidity detection,
  • up to €200 savings on heating bills,
  • 78% recycled plastic.
  • very quiet: as low as 20 dB(A) at the kitchen terminal,
  • easiest solution to install.

EasyHOME HYGRO renews the air throughout your dwelling and removes ambient humidity.

In each room, the humidity-controlled air inlets and terminals detect humidity or occupation, to ensure the ventilation airflow is automatically adjusted to suit your needs.

  • ATTIC unit made of recyclable plastic,
  • connections on unit:
    • 1 x Ø 125 mm connection for kitchen,
    • 4 x Ø 80 mm connections for bathrooms/WC,
    • 1 x Ø 160 mm outlet.
  • exhaust airflow controlled according to level of pollutants detected,
  • installation symbols on the unit and accessories,
  • 2 operating modes: HYGRO humidity-controlled mode and BOOST mode for kitchen,
  • 1-speed AC motor,
  • Hygro B kits supplied with Bahia Curve humidity-controlled terminals, electrical control (ELEC) or manual pull cord control (CORD).
  • HYGRO mode:
    • continuously variable daily automatic operation,
    • ventilation airflow reduced to minimum during periods of absence,
    • airflow increased at terminals when humidity level rises (perspiration, shower, cooking, etc.) or when occupancy of the WC is detected.
  • BOOST kitchen mode:
    • high speed ventilation in kitchen by opening terminal at peak airflow for a period of 30 min,
    • manual activation of peak airflow by push button (ELEC terminal) or via pull cord (CORD terminal)
    • fast elimination of humidity and odours at meal times.
  • suspended installation with cord provided,
  • can be mounted on a vertical wall using the optional wall mounting kit: centreline pitch 95 mm,
  • quick-connect electrical terminal block,
  • compatible with all types of ductwork:
    • Algaine flexible ducts,
    • Optiflex semi-rigid ducts,
    • Miniduct rigid ducts,
    • insulate the ducting when not in heated area,
  • EasyCLIP Algaine accessories supplied with the ELEC kit: quick-fit connectors and clamps for simplified connection of flexible ducts to the unit,
  • optional EasyCLIP Optiflex accessories available,
  • PUSH kitchen terminals and WC PRESENCE terminals powered by battery (9V alkaline, type LR61, not supplied).
Number of connections Ø 125 mm Number of connections Ø 80 mm Maximum number of bathrooms/WC Number of speeds Insulation material Type of motor






EasyHOME HYGRO Classic
H (mm) L (mm) P (mm) Ø discharge (mm) Weight (kg)






Max. airflow ErP (m³/h)


Sound pressure at 2 m from the kitchen terminal (dB(A)) Sound power at kitchen terminal (dB(A)) Sound power at the unit at 100 m3/h (dB(A)) Sound power ErP (dB(A))





References Average daily consumption 2-bed dwelling (1 bathroom + 1 WC) (W)
11033031 - EasyHOME HYGRO Classic kit + BAHIA® CURVE ELEC terminals


11033032 - EasyHOME HYGRO Classic kit + BAHIA® CURVE CORD terminals


11033030 - EasyHOME HYGRO Classic unit


Frequency (Hz) Protection rating Protection current (A) Max. current (A) Voltage (V) Max. power






  • QB-certified  :  Exhaust unit
  • Identification no. QB37  :  70/01-CHY5-2266
  • Technical Opinion no.  :  14.5/17-2266
  • Text ErP - Ventilation  :  Complies with eco-design Regulation 1253/2014 and excluded from energy labelling Regulation 1254/2014 as maximum power is below 30 W.
Energy class ErP


Ducting must be insulated outside of heated spaces.

Products and accessories references

  • EasyHOME HYGRO Classic kit +  BAHIA® CURVE ELEC terminals
    EasyHOME HYGRO Classic kit + BAHIA® CURVE ELEC terminals
    480,00 (without VAT)
  • EasyHOME HYGRO Classic kit +  BAHIA® CURVE CORD terminals
    EasyHOME HYGRO Classic kit + BAHIA® CURVE CORD terminals
    480,00 (without VAT)
  • EasyHOME HYGRO Classic unit
    EasyHOME HYGRO Classic unit
    190,00 (without VAT)


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  • Manual of safety Extract ventilation, HRV et Extract Fans
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