EasyHOME AUTO COMPACT is a silent, ultra-flat unidirectional ventilation unit that blends seamlessly into all interiors.
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EasyHOME AUTO COMPACT is a self-balanced unidirectional ventilation solution that automatically controls exhaust airflow and delivers constant air renewal throughout the dwelling on a daily basis.
A BOOST mode for the kitchen can also be activated manually.
A radio-control version ready for installation with its remote control is also available: EasyHOME Auto with Netatmo.
When associated with ColorLINE® ventilation grilles, EasyHOME AUTO COMPACT blends seamlessly into any interior decor.
Ultra-flat and multi-position, EasyHOME AUTO COMPACT is suitable for installation in small interior spaces, for example in a suspended ceiling or utility room.

The + products

  • automatic air renewal
  • very quiet: as low as 12 dB(A),
  • 77% recycled plastic.
  • seamless integration with interior decoration thanks to ColorLINE® grilles,
  • ultra-flat, < 19 cm for easy integration in dwelling and exceptionally fast to install.

EasyHOME AUTO COMPACT renews the air in your dwelling 24/7 with 2 operating modes: AUTO mode delivering constant airflow for each ventilated room and a BOOST mode which automatically activates high speed in the kitchen via an inverter or a remote control.

  • COMPACT unit made of recyclable plastic,
  • connections on unit for 1 kitchen and up to 4 bathrooms/WC:
    • 1 x Ø 125 mm connection for kitchen,
    • 4 x Ø 80 mm connections for bathroom/WC,
  • 1 discharge Ø 160/125 mm thanks to adapter supplied,
  • exhaust airflow automatically controlled at each connection via the kitchen auto amplifier and bathroom/WC controllers,
  • installation symbols on the unit and accessories,
  • 2 operating modes: AUTO mode and kitchen BOOST mode,
  • 2-speed AC motor,
  • kits supplied with 3 ColorLINE® ventilation grilles or 3 BIP grilles.
  • AUTO mode:
    • day-to-day operation mode,
    • low ventilation speed,
    • air renewal suited to each room ventilated.
  • BOOST kitchen mode:
    • high speed kitchen ventilation,
    • manual activation using a CMEV inverter (not supplied) or via remote CMEV control (supplied in EasyHOME Auto with Netatmo kit),
    • fast elimination of humidity and odours at meal times.
  • multi-position installation: wall, ceiling, floor, sloped surface,
  • just 2 attachment screws: centreline 406 mm,
  • built-in anti-vibration strips,
  • quick-connect electrical terminal block,
  • flexible ducts connected directly to the unit,
  • optional Algaine EasyCLIP accessories available.
  • Identification no. QB37  :  NA
  • Technical Opinion no.  :  NA
  • Text ErP - Ventilation  :  Complies with eco-design Regulation 1253/2014 and excluded from energy labelling Regulation 1254/2014 as maximum power is below 30 W.

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