INEA EXPERT is an intelligent continuous extractor that automatically adjusts its speed in response to pressure losses and is easily configured via an LED screen.
INEA EXPERT is a smart continuous extractor, ultra-low consumption with optimal design to meet the needs of difficult configurations. This unit provides continuous 24/7 ventilation for rooms up to 12 m²: kitchen, bathroom, WC, laundry room. It guarantees optimum comfort with a configuration that is simple and easy to adjust via its LED panel, and an automatic Boost mode activated by humidity detection. All combined with an EC motor for silent operation and even more energy savings.

The + products

  • LED panel for easy configuration of airflow settings, humidity level and timer,
  • automatic adaptation of speed (minimum, intermediate and maximum) to achieve the selected airflow settings even in difficult configurations,
  • extra quiet: as low as 9 dB(A).
  • sleek aesthetics 
  • humidity threshold and timer operation adjustable via LED panel, 
  • multiple operating points to adapt to all requirements,

The INEA EXPERT continuous extractor delivers ongoing ventilation of a space up to 12 m²: kitchen, bathroom, WC or laundry room.

Its operation is automatic with humidity detection and smart speed control, to ensure the specified airflow settings are achieved even in difficult configurations.

  • 1 diameter:
    • Ø 100 mm for rooms up to 12 m²; kitchen, bathroom, WC, laundry room.
  • 1 operating mode easily adjustable via LED panel:
    • automatic activation of Boost mode by humidity level and adjustable timer-controlled return to Auto mode (H version).
    • ultra low-consumption EC motor with very low noise level,
  • built-in thermal protection,
  • material:
    • high quality ABS body and decorative cover,
  • 100% cardboard packaging.
  • continuous operation with automatic boost mode activated by humidity level detection (H version):
    • low constant speed in Auto mode (adjustable via LED panel),
    • activation of intermediate mode by humidity level adjustable between 65% and 95% (airflow and threshold adjustable via LED panel). Activation is automatic if the ambient humidity level exceeds the preset threshold value,
    • switch-operated activation of boost mode possible,
    • timer-controlled return to AUTO mode, adjustable between 1 and 25 minutes (via LED panel). Once the indoor humidity level has returned to below the activation threshold, the boost mode operates for the pre-determined time then automatically returns to Auto mode.
  • fitted using 4 screws supplied,
  • wall or ceiling attachment,
  • maximum length of discharge duct 12 m, if the surface area of the destination room is less than 7 m²,
  • maximum length of discharge duct 5 m, if the surface area of the destination room is between 7 and 12 m²,
  • fresh air brought into room via air inlet grille or door undercut.
  • Text ErP - Ventilation  :  Complies with eco-design Regulation 1253/2014 and excluded from energy labelling Regulation 1254/2014 as maximum power is below 30 W.

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