VIRTUO-FIX sealed accessories
  • Simple to install.
  • Fast to assemble.
  • Aesthetic ducting.
  • Sound solution: no sealant needed.

Discover the range

VIRTUO-FIX sealed accessories
  • Galvanised steel accessories with crimped airtight seals at each end.
  • Available range of diameters 125 to 560 mm.
  • EPDM seals have the following properties:
  • Temp° resistance: from -30°C to +100°C,

    resistant to ageing (>30 year), UV and ozone,

    seal is smooth to facilitate interlocking.

  • The ALDES range of sealed accessories is Class C as per NF EN 12237.
  • The air tightness of a sealed network enables optimised air duct dimensioning both in terms of duct diameters and the choice of fan units (leakage rate reduced to 1.05).
  • The MS Pro flexible sleeve and the RT Flex terminal connection extend the air tightness of VIRTUO-FIX ducting from the fan to the terminal.
  • Multi-occupancy residential housing.
  • New builds.
  • Refurbishment.
  • Non-residential buildings.
    Multiple accessories are available to build all types of ducting: bends, T-pieces, Y-pieces, reductions, T-piece branch connectors, connectors, dampers, plugs, attachment and installation accessories, etc.
  • Interlocking/release by rotating the accessory slightly in the duct.
  • As the ALDES seal automatically ensures air tightness, no sealant or adhesive tape is needed.
  • We recommend that you continue to use self-tapping screws for vertical ducts.
  • Time savings on installation in relation to standard accessories is in the range of 20% (count on a minimum time saving of 15 to 30 seconds per junction on diameters 125 to 315 mm, making a gain of 30 to 60 seconds per accessory on these diameters).
  • Aldes sealed accessories are specially designed to ensure easy interlocking/release. The Aldes range offers C Class airtight ratings with low interlocking torque.