Oblong galvanised ductwork
  • Reduced dimensions for high airflows.
  • Controlled pressure loss.
  • Good airtight seal.
  • Easy assembly and servicing.
  • Standard range of dimensions.

Discover the range

Oblong galvanised ductwork
  • straight galvanised steel duct shaped to L x H dimensions by forming and calibration on hydraulic press.
  • Outer ribbing used to stiffen ducts beyond Ø 250 mm (standard production diameter).
  • 20 oblong cross-sections in standard size ranges, from 360 x 80 to 895 x 415 mm.
  • pressure loss in oblong duct is same as in circular duct of similar diameter.
  • Air distribution systems requiring high airflow passage in reduced spaces (suspended ceilings) or visible ducting.
  • High-performance alternative to rectangular ducting:
  • good airtight properties and controlled pressure loss,

    easy servicing (no dead angles),

    lightweight ducts,

  • made in France.
  • Multi-occupancy residential housing.
  • New builds,
  • Refurbishment,
  • Non-residential buildings.
    Range of oblong galvanised ducts unrivalled on the ventilation market.
    Multiple accessories are available to build all types of ducting: horizontal or vertical bends, T-pieces, Y-pieces, oblong-cylindrical reductions, connectors, dampers, plugs, attachment and installation accessories, etc.
  • easy to assemble using interlocking parts: ducts are female in design, accessories are male,
  • airtight seal formed using sealant and/or adhesive tape,
  • fixed to duct using self-tapping screws (4 to 6 depending on the diameter),