AG 645 series - aluminium Outdoor grille

AG 645 series - aluminium

Outdoor grille

The AG 645 outdoor wall grille is used for fresh air intake or contaminated air outlet, with no risk of rain ingress due to the form of its vanes.
AG 645 series - aluminium
AG 645 series - aluminium
The AG 645 is a rectangular outdoor wall grille with horizontal vanes. The vanes protect against rain water and it features a 12 x 12 Ø 1.2 mm square mesh bird screen. The vanes are mobile to enable closure using a manual lever or a motor.
AG 645 series - aluminium

The + products

  • full closure due to mobile vanes,
  • manual or motorised closure.

The AG 645 grille enables indoor air to exit the building and outdoor air to enter to renew the indoor air. The form of its vanes prevents rain from entering and their mobility enables manual closure or remote motorised closure.

  • extruded aluminium frame and vanes,
  • vane pitch 100 mm,
  • vanes fitted with cadmium-plated shafts mounted on nylon bearings, coupled by external chains to enable full closure of the grille,
  • galvanised steel bird screen (12 x 12 x Ø 1.2 mm),
  • Options:
    • attachment method,
    • close command by manual lever,
    • motorised close command (24 V on/off or 230 V) where H >= 500 mm,
    • galvanised steel anti-insect mesh (1 x 1 x Ø 0.4 mm),
    • stainless steel bird screen (5 x 5 x Ø 0.7 mm).
  • for installation on outside wall,
  • direct attachment in masonry or on dedicated adapter,
  • the adapter and grille are supplied pre-drilled on the front.
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