AR 637 series - aluminium Outdoor grille

AR 637 series - aluminium

Outdoor grille

The AR 637 outdoor circular wall grille is used for air intake or contaminated air outlet, with no risk of rain ingress due to the form of its vanes.
AR 637 series - aluminium
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AR 637 series - aluminium
The AR 637 is a wall-mounted aluminium outdoor circular grille with horizontal vanes acting as a rain guard.
AR 637 series - aluminium

The + products

  • easy to install: circular connection,
  • ideal for ventilation airflows.

The AR 637 aluminium circular grille enables indoor air to exit the building and outdoor air to enter to renew the indoor air. The form of its vanes prevents rain from entering.

  • circular grille,
  • finish:
    • D315 and below: anodised aluminium,
    • D355 and above: rough aluminium.
  • rain guard vanes with pitch of:
    • D315 and below: 20 mm,
    • D355 and above: 50 mm.
  • galvanised steel 12x12 mm mesh bird screen included (from D355 up).
  • for installation on wall,
  • D315 and below: concealed screw attachment in the inner collar,
  • D355 and above: visible screw attachment in the frame.

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