AC 181 series - aluminium Transfer grille

AC 181 series - aluminium

Transfer grille

The AC 181 transfer grille enables air transfer between rooms while preserving discretion with no through-visibility.
AC 181 series - aluminium
AC 181 series - aluminium
The AC 181 is a single-deflection transfer grille with horizontal chevron vanes to ensure discretion.
AC 181 series - aluminium

The + products

  • mounting frame supplied,
  • aesthetic,
  • no through-visibility.

The AC 181 grille is usually fitted on a door or partition wall to enable air to circulate between rooms when door undercuts are insufficient. The form of its vanes prevent through-visibility and provides discretion.

  • anodised aluminium, natural satin colour,
  • horizontal fixed vanes in chevron shape, 20 mm pitch.
  • dimensions from 200 x 65 to 1200 x 600 mm with increments of 25 mm in length & 20 mm in height.
  • usually fitted on door or partition wall,
  • visible screw attachment in frame.

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