LINED® series - aluminium Slot diffuser

LINED® series - aluminium

Slot diffuser

The LINED® is an aluminium linear adjustable slot diffuser for use on air supply or return systems in non-residential buildings.
LINED® series - aluminium
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LINED® series - aluminium
The LINED® is an aluminium linear slot diffuser for use on air supply or extraction circuits in ventilation and air conditioning systems in commercial buildings. This diffuser is available with up to 8 slots and from 300 to 2,000 mm with a pitch of 5 mm for air supply. The extraction model opens to enable insertion of a filter. Its length is limited to 1500 mm. It is installed on the ceiling using a plenum. The diffuser body is made of anodised aluminium with a natural satin hue or painted RAL 9010 white matt 30% or other RAL colours, or the AldesArchitect® finish.
LINED® series - aluminium

The + products

  • possible filter on extraction,
  • possible linear strips,
  • compatible with AldesArchitect® range.
  • adjustable diffusion,
  • identical aesthetic on supply and extraction,
  • available in anodised aluminium or epoxy coating finish.

The LINED® diffuser is installed in a ceiling with a connection plenum. The air supply model delivers adjustable air diffusion using a dirigible deflector in the centre of each slot. The opening extraction model allows the use of a filter.

  • adjustable diffusion with dirigible deflector in centre of each slot,
  • vertical diffusion possible,
  • aluminium body,
  • finishes:
    • natural anodised hue,
    • epoxy coating RAL 9010 white matt 30%,
    • AldesArchitect® finish,
  • slot width 25 mm,
  • LINED® S air supply model with dirigible deflectors,
  • LINED® E extraction model with fixed deflectors,
  • LINED® EO extraction model with fixed deflectors and opening central core for access to filter in connection plenum:
    • hinged-mounted core, push-push close,
    • available from 3 slots and more,
    • maximum length 1500 mm,
  • concealed attachment to plenum:
    • adjustable and accessible from under the diffuser (type S3), or
    • directly by self-tapping screw on sides of plenum (type S2).
  • the S2 attachment method is recommended for suspended ceilings and is not compatible with fixed ceilings (plaster or BA13).
  • accessories:
    • galvanised steel connection plenum with side branch connection, standard or insulated version,
    • G3 M1 filter,
    • spade damper fitted in plenum branch connection.

The LINED® diffuser is installed on the ceiling using a plenum, with choice of attachment method depending on the plenum and type of ceiling.

Insulation material

Installation with S2 attachment method: use self-tapping screws.

Installation with S3 attachment method:

    • install the diffuser under the plenum,
    • push and clip the 4 attachments,
    • screw the diffuser against the plaster ceiling.

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