SC 319 R series - steel Ceiling diffuser

SC 319 R series - steel

Ceiling diffuser

The SC 319 R is a slotted plate square diffuser for extraction.
SC 319 R series - steel
SC 319 R series - steel
The SC 319 R is a square slotted opening air return diffuser. For installation in plaster and plasterboard (BA13) ceilings. Diffuses air in HVAC systems. This diffuser is made of steel with epoxy coating RAL 9010 white 30% gloss. It features concealed attachments and is connected directly to circular ducting.

The SC 319 R diffuser is installed on a plaster or BA13 ceiling. It opens to enable easy access for installation of the filter and maintenance.

  • extraction diffuser,
  • removable slotted plate,
  • epoxy coating RAL 9010 white,
  • concealed attachment to concrete slab using tabs fitted to diffuser (F16 attachment method),
  • direct attachment to circular ducting.
  • accessories:
    • G3 flat filter with M1 fire certification,
    • galvanised steel plenum with side branch connection (NE).

The SC 319 R diffuser is installed flush with the ceiling. Direct attachment to ducting.

Insulation material

Products and accessories references

  • SC319R 300x300 D160
    SC319R 300x300 D160
    from 132,00 (without VAT)
  • SC319R 400x400 D200
    SC319R 400x400 D200
    from 151,00 (without VAT)
  • SC319R 500x500 D250
    SC319R 500x500 D250
    from 191,00 (without VAT)
  • SC319R 562x562 D315 AxB=600²
    SC319R 562x562 D315 AxB=600²
    from 203,00 (without VAT)


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