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*in accordance with eco design 206/2012 and energy labelling 626/2011 regulations


• Guaranteed high performance: energy class up to A++, COP up to 4.92, Eurovent certification Eurovent for most models
• Extremely silent and discreet: can be installed in technical cabinet or suspended ceiling, sound power level < 25 dB(A) in centre of ventilated room
• Extremely comfortable: air distribution via plenum and airflow control via motorised grilles and thermostats in each room


• Dual Air-Air block with refrigeration connections
• Lower vertical or horizontal unit
• Heating power from 4 kW to 16 kW
• COP Pivot up to 4.92
• Heating effective down to -15 °C to +20 °C outside temp.

Related products

Airflow controller

•• Controls motor-driven grilles
• Radio module:  868 MHz
•• Controls operation of heat pump
•• Built into interior unit (T.One vertical) or exterior in box (T.One horizontal)

Central control

• Configuration of operating modes, timer programming
• Settings display and adjustment
• Backlit colour screen, programming via built-in USB port

Electrical top-up kit

•• Completes thermodynamic power of heat pump for the coldest period of the heating season
•• 1500 W or 2000 W per floor depending on the model
•• T.One vertical: first floor as standard, optional kit for second floor
•• T.One horizontal: up to 2 floors with optional kits

Exhaust units with filter

•• 4 x 200 mm  circular connection
•• Exhaust grille with filter
•• Adapts to suspended ceiling 600 x 600 mm

Motor-driven air diffusion grilles

•• Air diffusion in each room
•• Silent 12 V motor (TOR)
•• Aluminium with white paint finish – RAL 9010
•• Adjustable double deflection (horizontal and vertical).
•• Model selected according to airflow

Radio thermostats

• Radio technology cordless thermostats, no wired connections, used in each room supplied
• Temperature set point selection
• Measurement of ambient temperature
• Stop/start for each room

Transfer grilles

•• Increases air passage diameter (without filtration)
•• Aluminium with white paint finish RAL9010
•• Single deflection with fixed horizontal vanes
•• Models for door or partition wall, selected according to airflow

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