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**in accordance with eco design 814/2013 and energy labelling 812/2013 regulations

T.Flow® Hygro+ Connected

• More savings : The most efficient product in its category*, it can produce up to 75% of your hot water needs at no extra cost by recovering calories contained in the air of your home.

• More comfort : T.Flow® Hygro+ Connected can comfortably provide all the hot water that a family of 2 – 6 people needs (up to 600 liters of hot water produced every day).

• More control : The AldesConnect™ application enables you to monitor and control in real time the production of hot water for your home directly from your smartphone.

• More quality air : Through its ventilation function, the indoor air of your home is refreshed permanently, for a healthier environment.

• More discretion : T.Flow® Hygro+ Connected is the quietest** and the most compact in its category. Its design means that it can fit easily, in heated volume, into a standard sized closet or a laundry room.

*Amongst products in its category in November 2015. COP of 4.01 at 150 m3/h according to the EN 16147
**Less than 28 dB(A) in a single-family house and lower than 21 dB(A) in an apartment. Maximum value at 160 m3/h, Lp at 2m free-field.


• Enamelled 200-litre tank with 55 mm insulation and metal jacket, RAL9006 paint finish
• 800 W heat pump on exhaust air with inverter compressor and G4 filter
• Installation possible in a 600 x 600 mm cupboard
• Weight: 79 kg with built-in fan unit; 77 kg without fan unit
• 4 operating modes: auto, boost, comfort and absence
• Operates with both humidity-controlled and self-balanced grilles
• Digital display for usage and configuration functions
• Airflow range: 39.6 – 195 m3/h
• COP (at 20 °C as per EN 16147): 3.40 to 4.19
• Vmax: 269
• Fan consumption in single-family dwelling: 16.45 W-Th-C*
• Sound pressure level in single-family dwelling: < 28 dB(A)**
• Sound pressure level in multi-family housing: < 21 dB(A) **
• Fluid: R134a
• Power supply: 230V

* For a 3-bed dwelling: bathroom, WC, shower
** Maximum value at 160 m3/h, water heater + ventilation, at 2 m in free air

Related products

Bahia Curve

•• Humidity-controlled exhaust grille: the airflow is automatically controlled according to the indoor humidity level or occupancy and adapts to the actual ventilation needs of the dwelling
• Unique no-grille design
•• Guaranteed air tightness with Roll-In seal
•• 4 controls to boost airflow:  pull-cord, push button, occupancy detector or infra-red


• Soundproofed humidity-controlled air inlet
• Automatic airflow control according to needs
• Soundproofing: 38 to 42 dB(A)
• Discreet installation

inoVEC micro-watt

•• C4 low energy consumption exhaust fan unit
•• Constant pressure
•• Airflow up to 12,000 m³/h

iVEC micro-watt +

•• C4 ultra-low energy consumption fan unit
•• Compliant with ErP 2018 regulations: the Aldes solution to future requirements
•• Equipped with the patented Aldes Autoadaptive Technology®
• Simple and ergonomic
•• Airflow up to 2500 m³/h

Virtuo-fix range under Technical approval

•• Class B ductwork under RT 2012 thermal regulations without air leakage measurement
•• Galvanised steel accessories
•• Ø available: 80 to 630
•• Over 30 % times savings on installation

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