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*in accordance with eco design 814/2013 and energy labelling 812/2013 regulations

T.Flow Activ Modulo

• Ultra-fast system: water heated to 65 °C in record time
• Eco-friendly system: heat pump with NATURAL coolant fluid, CO2
• Economical system: no electrical top-up and unrivalled performance
• Double safety: manually-activated backup resistance if necessary
• Simplified installation for renovation projects: the tank is installed in place of your old electric water heater

• Hot water temperature: 65 °C
• V40 (hot water available at 40 °C ): 337 litres for the 200-litre tank and 505 litres for the 300-litre tank
• Heating time: 3 hours 38 min for the 200-litre tanks and 5 hours 14 min for the 330-litre tank
• Control button for operating mode: Eco mode or Boost mode
• Operates during off-peak hours
• Heat pump on outside air with inverter compressor
• Natural coolant fluid – CO2
• Heating power up to 4.5 kW
• Outside temperature operating range (heat pump): -15°C to +43°C

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Bahia Curve

•• Humidity-controlled exhaust grille: the airflow is automatically controlled according to the indoor humidity level or occupancy and adapts to the actual ventilation needs of the dwelling
• Unique no-grille design
•• Guaranteed air tightness with Roll-In seal
•• 4 controls to boost airflow:  pull-cord, push button, occupancy detector or infra-red


• Soundproofed humidity-controlled air inlet
• Automatic airflow control according to needs
• Soundproofing: 38 to 42 dB(A)
• Discreet installation

inoVEC micro-watt

•• C4 low energy consumption exhaust fan unit
•• Constant pressure
•• Airflow up to 12,000 m³/h

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