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• High temperature heat pump, fully replaces existing boiler
• 100 % thermodynamic heating without electrical top-up
• Water output temperature up to +55 °C
• Optional domestic hot water production



• Geothermal glycol water/water
• Heating power from 5kW to 11kW
• Water output temperature up to +65°C
• Floorspace occupied 600 x 600 mm



Related products

3-channel valve kit for DHW and zone control

•• Transfers heat to DHW tank or controls water temperature in a zone
•• Motorised valve
•• 230 V AC power supply and control

300-litre DHW tank

•• Stores domestic hot water
•• 2 models: tube heat exchanger 1.4 m² or 2.7 m²
•• Shielded 2 kW resistance
•• Magnesium node
•• Flexible grey liner jacket

Mixing bottle

•• Increases water volume of installation
•• Creates hydraulic uncoupling between heat pump and delivery zone(s)
•• 3 models: 40, 100 and 200 litres

Radio receiver and thermostat kit

•• Measures ambient temperature
•• Controls compensation settings
•• Stop/Start controls in the zone
•• No need for wired connection

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