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*in accordance with eco design 813/2013 and energy labelling 811/2013 regulations

Ophely Fusion +

• High COP up to 4.45
• Certified performance levels
• Up to 60 % additional heating power at low outside temperature
• Production of domestic hot water, optional cooling and pool heating


• Dual Air-Water unit with refrigeration connections
• Heating power from 6 kW to 16 kW
• COP Pivot performance coefficient up to 4.45
• Heating effective down to -20 °C outside temp

Related products

3-channel valve kit for DHW and zone control

•• Transfers heat to DHW tank or controls water temperature in a zone
•• Motorised valve
•• 230 V AC power supply and control

300-litre DHW tank

•• Stores domestic hot water
•• 2 models: tube heat exchanger 1.4 m² or 2.7 m²
•• Shielded 2 kW resistance
•• Magnesium node
•• Flexible grey liner jacket

Electrical top-up kit

•• Completes thermodynamic power of heat pump for the coldest period of the heating season
•• 1500 W or 2000 W per floor depending on the model
•• T.One vertical: first floor as standard, optional kit for second floor
•• T.One horizontal: up to 2 floors with optional kits

Ground support kit

•• Ensures sufficient clearance under the outdoor unit
•• Provides soundproofing for ground
•• Kit features 2 supports

Mixing bottle

•• Increases water volume of installation
•• Creates hydraulic uncoupling between heat pump and delivery zone(s)
•• 3 models: 40, 100 and 200 litres

Radio receiver and thermostat kit

•• Measures ambient temperature
•• Controls compensation settings
•• Stop/Start controls in the zone
•• No need for wired connection

Refrigeration connections

•• Provides the refrigeration connection between the indoor and outdoor units
•• For flare connections
•• Crown L= 20m, insulated dual tubes
•• 3 models depending on Ø

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