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• Airflow from 1000 to 7000 m3/h
• Optimises ventilation airflow and control interior air quality via “Aldes Smart Control” technology
• Manages temperature for optimal interior comfort
• The most efficient HRV unit on the market
• Easy to install
• High quality services

• Ultra-efficient counterflow exchanger, up to 92% efficiency (best on market)
• 5 fan unit control modes: constant speed, constant pressure, constant airflow, optimised pressure and 0-10 V signal Built-in server and communication with BMS
• Double-wall panel with 50 mm of mineral wool insulation
• Backward-curve impeller fan and ultra-efficient EC motor – SFP <2* + heat exchanger offering up to 92% efficiency
• Plug & Play connection and wide range of pre-wiring options
• Training and activation provided by Aldes

Related products

Mod CO2 sensor

•• Mod CO2 sensor : Assesses the occupancy rate of a room by measuring the CO2 content.
•• Mod Optical sensor : Assesses the occupancy rate of a room using infra-red motion detection.

MR Modulo and MR Mono

•• Control modules used to balance airflows in CMEV networks.
• Operate within a wide range of differential pressures (50 to 250 Pa).

MVT Mod dynamic control system

•• Automatically adjusts airflow according to room occupancy and needs - occupancy detection.

VAV dynamic control unit

•• Automatically adjusts the airflow according to a predefined set point
•• Ventilation, air conditioning and air management systems
•• Air supply and exhaust
•• Airflow range: 50 to 8412 m3/h (accuracy < 5%)

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