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Dee Fly Cube 300 and 370

• Same model for both Self-balanced and Humidity-controlled versions (exclusive to Aldes)
• Quietest fan unit on the market
• NF-certified for Self-balanced version
• NF-certified for Humidity-controlled version
• PassivHous certified
• High efficiency (90%)
• Low energy consumption
• Multi-function cordless remote control

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• Exchanger efficiency: 90%.
• G4 filter on exhaust and double filtration G4 + F7 on air supply.
• 4 fan speeds including Boost and Absence modes.
• Intuitive configuration with remote.

Related products

Bahia Curve

•• Humidity-controlled exhaust grille: the airflow is automatically controlled according to the indoor humidity level or occupancy and adapts to the actual ventilation needs of the dwelling
• Unique no-grille design
•• Guaranteed air tightness with Roll-In seal
•• 4 controls to boost airflow:  pull-cord, push button, occupancy detector or infra-red

Bahia Curve Bus

•• Humidity-controlled kitchen grille connected to Cube 300 and Cube 370 units,
•• Bahia Curve L grille, model C13,
•• Used to control kitchen and boost airflow,
•• fitted with Ø125 shaft with roll-in seal, Pressure range: 80 - 100 Pa.

BCA Bus pre-heating coil

• BCA Bus controlled directly by the Cube
• Pre-heating of fresh air
• Frost protection of heat exchanger

Bio grille

•• Design air supply grille
•• Dirigible vanes for "straight" airflow (wall) or at 90° angle (ceiling)
• Ø: 80 mm and 125 mm

Multi-function cordless remote control

• Digital cordless control with dynamic data display
• Settings: adjusted using just two buttons
• Expert mode: full control of ventilation


Optiflex, the ventilation ductwork for easy and reliable installation.
• Semi-rigid duct
• Quick to install
• Durable equipment
• High-performance ductwork (airtight with low pressure losses)
• Indoor air quality (anti-bacterial treatment with silver ions)

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