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*in accordance with ecodesign regulation 327/2011 (if electric input power >125 W) and out of scope of ecodesign regulation 1253/2014 because HRV with heat pump


• One system, four functions: ventilation, heating, cooling, water heating
• Comfort: responsive heating in winter and guaranteed comfort in summer
• Air quality: Heat Recovery CMEV with fresh air filtration
• RT 2012 thermal regulations Chapter V

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• Heating power: 3000 W and COP = 3.2
• Refrigeration power: 2000 W and EER = 3.6
• F7 filter on fresh air
• Low energy fan units from 100 to 210 m³/h basic airflow

Related products

Air intake and air outlet

•• Exterior grilles on building façade or roof cowl.

B200 H²O


•• 200-litre storage tank



• Self-balanced exhaust grilles
• Constant airflow control
• No-grille design for optimum cleanliness
• Guaranteed air tightness with Roll-In seal

Bio Design 125


•• Design air supply grille
•• Dirigible vanes for "straight" airflow (wall) or at 90° angle (ceiling)
•• Ø available: 80 mm and 125 mm

C3000 H²O


•• Thermodynamic HRV unit with filtration on fresh air
•• Low energy-consumption fan with EC motor
•• Static heat exchanger with built-in bypass



• Positioned in main room
• Automatic control of heating or cooling and production of domestic hot water
• Thermostats in each bedroom


•• Heating module
•• Homogeneous distribution of fresh air in living rooms
•• Available in 3-channel or 5-channel versions

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