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Our History

Established in France in 1925

Creation of the French family-owned company Aldes (Atelier Lyonnais D’Emboutissage Spécial) specialized in the cutting, stamping and manufacturing of metal aeration grilles.

1960s – Regulatory changes

New regulations for residential  ventilation introduced in France.

1970s – First CMEV solutions

Launch of self-balanced controlled mechanical exhaust ventilation and heat recovery ventilation under the Aldes brand.

1980s 30% share of the residential ventilation market. The Aldes group breaks into the commercial premises market

1982 : Invention ofhumidity-controlled ventilation – with both incoming and outgoing airflows regulated by atmospheric humidity.
1984 : Integration of the company SGEI, launching the Group onto the Fire Protection market (fire dampers and smoke extractors) for aeraulic ductwork. The opening of the first international subsidiaries (Italy, USA, Belgium). Bruno Lacroix the founder’s son, becomes CEO of Aldes.
1988: Acquisition of HCI from Usinor group. Aldes manufactures HVAC ductwork and accessories.

1990s – Business diversification

1990: Launch of CentralVacuum Cleaning System
1992:  Acquisition ofGB2000, specialist in CVC systems in France.
1994:  Aldes becomes European leader in CVC systems.
1995: Following a long tradition of innovation, Aldes launches a range of active sound attenuators for aeraulic ductwork.
1998: Aldes createsTempération®, a thermodynamic ventilation system that combines ventilation and air cooling.
1999 : Launch of a new, innovative generation of Isone® circular evolutionary fire dampers.

2000s – Turn towards Temperature Control and the commercial market

2000: Integration of Euro Register, specialist in the manufacturing of grilles and diffusers. Creation of Acthys subsidiary in France, specialized in natural and low pressure ventilation in building renovation projects.
2004 : Acquisition of the company Climoventin Italy, a wholesale specialist in ductwork and accessories.
2008 : Design of a new logistics strategyleading to the setting up of the Mions logistics center (69 – France). Creation of “La Maison de l’air”, a network of installers, retailing Ventilation, Heating, Air cooling, Domestic Hot Water, and CVC systems to private individuals.
2006  : Launch of complementary technologies in heat recovery thermodynamic ventilation: night ventilation, Canadian airshafts…
2009 : Launch of domestic Températion® with multi-function T.Zen and T.Flow systems, temperature control by air. Capital investment in Airpac, air/water and water/water heat pump manufacturer. Creation of the”Store Online”website, for online sales to private individuals.

2010s – The Aldes Group becomes an Indoor Air Quality and Temperature Control solutions global player.

2010 : Acquisition of the Canadian company -Air 2000, specialists in HRV systems for the North American residential and commercial premises market.
2011 : Acquisition of the company Ribo in France, specialists in solutions for heating, air cooling, and treatment of air based on reversible air heating pump systems. Stanislas Lacroix, Bruno Lacroix’s son and the founder’s grandson, becomes President of Aldes Group.