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Aldes’ Brand

Aldes’ Brand

Established in 1925 in Lyon (France), where its headquarters are still located, Aldes Group is an international family-owned group, with more than 1,300 employees spanning 13 countries.

Aldes Group specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of “integrated solutions for indoor well-being”.

These solutions provide occupants with high-quality air, enable them to control room temperature and help guarantee optimal safety, while sustainably reducing energy consumption in buildings.

Thanks to its diverse range of brands, each a leader in its respective market, the Group specializes in ventilation, heating, air cooling, domestic hot water production, central vacuum cleaning. HVAC components, smoke extraction and services.

By anticipating both the increasing demands from consumers for indoor comfort as well as the changes in Energy Regulation, Aldes Group has based its strategy and growth on its capacity to offer global, innovative, high-performance solutions.